Photo by Jason Quigley

Photo by Jason Quigley

Singer Songwriter, Multi-Instrumentalist

Tanya Pluth is a guitar strumming, mandolin picking and fiddle bowing singer-songwriter. 

Playing a guitar and singing, Tanya’s music invites audiences into the happy discovery only available by traveling far, both externally and internally. As one reviewer wrote, "You don't doubt her when she sings that she'd like to make traveling her home, and you can almost feel 'sun shining right through skin' as her voice shines its brilliance in your direction.”

Grove of stones

Visit Grove of Stones, where Tanya makes available incredible crystals and minerals, ethically sourced, cleanly shared, many items hand dug, including by her own hands. 


STORIES. Photos.

Through writing and photography, Tanya tells stories, fiction and non-fiction, exploring place, spirit, people, past, present and future. 



Invite - Invoke - Inspire

My practice moves through four archetypes: Songs. Stones. Stories. Swords. Each of these are reflected in my projects as a musician (performing songwriter), small business owner (Grove of Stones) and artist (storyteller, writer, photographer). 

But what about the sword?  Beyond the physical weapon that people call "sword," is the archetype that a sword offers: an archetype of action, precision, clarity, finality, and vitality. For me, a sword was once a scary thing, and isn't anymore. The transformation of the formerly scary to full acceptance results in the freeing of important energy and purpose. I now offer healing to others as a spiritual guide, workshop facilitator and teacher.