Photo by Jason Quigley

Music Bio

Tanya Pluth lives in the forests, rivers, oceans, deserts and fields of the Pacific Northwest, and her songs range as far and as wide as the places she lives and travels. Her penchant for sitting alone in nature miles away from pavement effuses a quiet, warm confidence into all of her lyrics and performances, while her experiences as a former community college instructor charge her stage presence with wit and humor.

Playing a guitar and singing, Tanya’s music invites audiences into the best of all road trips, the happy discovery only available by traveling far, both externally and internally. As one reviewer wrote, "You don't doubt her when she sings that she'd like to make traveling her home, and you can almost feel 'sun shining right through skin' as her voice shines its brilliance in your direction.”

Saving Graces, Tanya Pluth’s debut album, resonates deeply in channels of family, purpose, and place. A reviewer of the album wrote, “The dozen tracks rock (Inside Out), sway (Go On, Be Kind), swing (Traveling Home), step lively (Hard Place), swoon (Don’t Leave Here So Broken), and stand up for what’s right (Would You Try), and they do it all with grace." 

Tanya is currently working on her second album, All the Men I Love, an exploration of music and masculinity from her unique perspective. The assortment of tunes ranges from big hair band Poison to essential folk music artist John Denver to tracks by Bob Dylan, Bill Miller, and Stevie Wonder. But don’t let the eclectic artists fool you – the album’s cohesion rests with its messaging. This is a set of tunes put together over 5 years, and they tell an intricate, compelling tale through creative arrangements of guitar, bass, mandolin, fiddle, and percussion.  

Tanya’s music received Best New Artist, Album of the Year, and Song of the Year nominations from Pride in the Arts. She’s performed in venues large and small as both a solo artist and supporting other musicians on guitar, back up vocal, and fiddle.

Tanya is an avid Irish session player, where her bow and fiddle fly through the dancing rhythms of jigs, reels, and polkas.