Stones. Songs. Stories. Swords.

I am located in the Portland, Oregon area. I travel frequently for performances, shows, workshops, and gatherings. 

STONES. Visit Grove of Stones, my small business, where I make available incredible crystals and minerals, ethically sourced, cleanly shared, many items hand dug, including by my own hands. 


SONGS.  As a performing singer/songwriter and fiddler, I create and offer original songs with passionate vocals, rich, textured guitar stylings, and inspiring lyrics.


STORIES. Through writing and photography, I tell stories, fiction and non-fiction, exploring place, spirit, people, past, and future.


SWORDS. Beyond the physical weapon that people call "sword," is the archetype that a sword offers: an archetype of action, precision, clarity, finality, and vitality. For me, a sword was once a scary thing, and isn't anymore. The transformation of the formerly scary to full acceptance results in the freeing of important energy and purpose. After following my own path of healing and learning, I now offer teaching, facilitating, and healing via the practice I call Invite - Invoke - Inspire.



I invite connection! Please contact me for information about any of the elements listed on my website. Thanks for stopping in and I hope to hear from you soon! 



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