Indie In-Tune Magazine

"Filled with country's heart, folk's lyrics and attention to the issues facing women (and everyone) in the world today. . .You don't doubt her when she sings that she'd like to make traveling her home, and you can almost feel 'sun shining right through skin' as her voice shines its brilliance in your direction. "                                                                                        

 -   Kathryn Vercillo, Indie In-Tune Magazine



"Don’t miss Saving Graces ( by Tanya Pluth. The dozen tracks rock (Inside Out), sway (Go On, Be Kind), swing (Traveling Home), step lively (Hard Place), swoon (Don’t Leave Here So Broken), and stand up for what’s right (Would You Try), and they do it all with grace."                              

- Ben Shapiro, BaltimoreOUTLoud

the Amplifier

"There are songs of adversity (particularly “Would You Try”), seeking (“A Little Brighter,” “Traveling Home”), and hope through it all (“Well As You Will”)."                                                          

- Don Thomason, The Amplifier