Debut Album: Saving Graces 

The title track from the album, "Saving Graces" is a call for holding on to the best of life and refuge given from one to another:

"This world's full of hiding places/lost souls and saving graces/take these gifts and bear them forward/through the battles, through the war."

Saving Graces has been described as four parts country, six parts folk, two parts rock – music that moves, shakes, and comforts. 

What reviewers say about Saving Graces:

"Filled with country's heart, folk's lyrics and attention to the issues facing women (and everyone) in the world today. . .You don't doubt her when she sings that she'd like to make traveling her home, and you can almost feel 'sun shining right through skin' as her voice shines its brilliance in your direction. "                                                                      -   Kathryn Vercillo, Indie In-Tune Magazine

Upcoming release: All THE MEN I LOVE 


All the Men I love is Tanya's second album release, due out in the fall of 2017. Tanya describes the project: 

A lot of people have written and spoken about how men in particular and masculinity have shaped music and culture. I guess what I wanted to do, as a musician, is look at how music had done just that to me. What choices have I made that are mirroring or playing with the messages in the songs that I’ve heard over all these years? How have those songs impacted my work as an artist, as a musician? These songs are a channel that I’ve been tuned into my whole life. Using acoustic instruments and singing, here on this album I offer them the way I’ve heard them. Offering messages of love and passion, justice and resistance, of play.