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Upcoming Release: All the Men I Love

For All the Men I Love, I carefully chose songs and artists whose work reflects an aspect of masculinity that I value, or that I’ve adopted and reflected in my own life.

From the love songs of George Michael and Cat Stevens, to the protest songs of Poison and Stevie Wonder, the album travels through broad styles and messages. Recorded in an intimate setting, the album is built to sound like I am playing in your living room.

A tribute album exploring masculinity and music: 

There’s a lot of benefit in the release that music offers. Music can express ideas and feelings that reach across borders and boundaries to touch people’s hearts.  Music can lead and shape movements, but also shapes people’s identities. 

A lot of people have written and spoken about how men in particular and masculinity have shaped music and culture. I guess what I wanted to do, as a musician, is look at how music had done just that to me. What choices have I made that are mirroring or playing with the messages in the songs that I’ve heard over all these years? How have those songs impacted my work as an artist, as a musician?

These songs are a channel that I’ve been tuned into my whole life. Using acoustic instruments and singing, here on this album I offer them the way I’ve heard them. Offering messages of love and passion, justice and resistance, of play.

All the Men I Love is a conversation I'm starting. If I could give a megaphone to some messages that I’d wish were more dominant in the world right now, this is it.