Lone tree at sunset in central Nevada - photo by Tanya Pluth. 

 Lone tree at sunset in central Nevada - photo by Tanya Pluth. 

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Invite - Invoke - Inspire

Professional Facilitation & Consulting.

When organizations are tasked with addressing pressing problems and are motivated to work towards innovative solutions, I provide expertise in training, facilitation and coaching, along with friendly catalyst energy, in support of the organization's vision and goals.

My work as a consultant, facilitator and trainer includes: 

  • Retreat and workshop design and facilitation.
  • Ongoing meeting facilitation.
  • Topical trainings on leadership, teamwork, emotional intelligence in the workplace, organizational effectiveness, strategic planning and conflict resolution.
  • Equity and inclusion trainings and initiatives with unique expertise on anti-racism initiatives.

Professional experience includes the following clients and employers: 

  • Portland Community College - Office of Professional Development
  • Woven Strategies LLC 
  • City of Portland Inter-Group Dialogue Program
  • AmeriCorps Vista - Oregon 
  • Northwest Service Academy - AmeriCorps program
  • Oregon State Service Corps - AmeriCorps program
  • Portland State University
  • Kristin Lensen Consulting (hired to co-facilitate)

Personal spiritual coaching and intuitive healing. 

  • Invite you to identify areas of desired growth and greater ease. 
  • Invoke practical, powerful applied strategies to achieve both short and long term measurable change. 
  • Inspire spirit and the creative in every day, leading to full grounding, vitality, balance & resonance.


Tools that I work with include: 

  • Mindfulness Practices      
  • Grounding Techniques
  • Visualization
  • Resonance Expansion 
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Reiki 
  • Relational Communication
  • Ceremony in the Druidic tradition


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Available via Skype, phone, or in person if in the Portland, Oregon area.

About me: 

The oldest forms of teaching involve apprenticeship and mentorship engaging the body, mind, and spirit in constantly evolving and adapting experiential learning. The teaching that I offer likewise models these traditions, grounded in awareness, patience, challenge, compassion and transformation. Curiosity leads the way towards understanding and utilizing what is available for manifesting change.

I earned a BA from Portland State University with a double major in Cultural Anthropology focusing on social change power dynamics and Women's Studies, with a focus on anti-racism within feminist movements. My undergraduate minor is in geology. I earned an MFA in English with a focus on Creative Writing from Mills College of California, while simultaneously releasing my first full length singer-songwriter album. I then went to work at Portland Community College, where I taught writing and literature classes, as well as Women's Studies courses, for 8 years. 

After many years of teaching and facilitating, people began to ask suggest I could apply my knowledge, skills, and experience to help individuals. When a friend said, "You should be a Chaplain!" the role resonated for me. I didn't want to return for a second master's degree or a full doctorate, so I studied and practiced spirituality, mindfulness, meditation practices, and alternative healing modalities for over 15 years. I then began to meet with people as a spiritual coach and healer.

Throughout my life, my innate curiosity led me to explore many tools for developing my gifts and providing service to others. My practice moves through four archetypes: Songs. Stones. Stories. Swords. Each of these are reflected in my projects as a musician (performing songwriter), small business owner (Grove of Stones) and artist (storyteller, writer, photographer). 

But what about the sword?  Beyond the physical weapon that people call "sword," is the archetype that a sword offers: an archetype of action, precision, clarity, finality, and vitality. For me, a sword was once a scary thing, and isn't anymore. The transformation of the formerly scary to full acceptance results in the freeing of important energy and purpose. 

Throughout my path, I sought teachers and mentors grounded in practices of kindness, healing, and whole growth for all. My teachers include Dr. Sierra Levy, creator of Resonance Therapy and Shannon Kelly, author of Initiation: the Foundation of Belief. My healing practice incorporates the tools of these teachers, as well as those learned on a path of study in earth-based, spiritual and mystical healing traditions.

I currently contribute to spiritual and artistic work as a writer, musician and photographer. Earlier in life, I worked as a roofer, landscaper, non-profit program director, national service member, parking lot attendant, consultant and college professor (not in that order!).  Invite Invoke Inspire provides an umbrella under which I offer gifts and skills in training, consulting, and healing.