Lone tree at sunset in central Nevada - photo by Tanya Pluth. 

 Lone tree at sunset in central Nevada - photo by Tanya Pluth. 

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Invite - Invoke - Inspire

Consulting, spiritual coaching, and intuitive healing. 

  • Invite you to identify areas of desired growth and greater ease. 
  • Invoke practical, powerful applied strategies to achieve both short and long term measurable change. 
  • Inspire spirit and the creative in every day, leading to full grounding, vitality, balance & resonance.


Tools that I teach and train with include: 

  • Mindfulness Practices      
  • Grounding Techniques
  • Visualization
  • Resonance Expansion 
  • Emotional Freedom Techniques
  • Reiki 
  • Relational Communication
  • Ceremony in the Druidic tradition


Fill out the contact form to take advantage of a free consultation!

Discover how just a few minutes of attention can help invigorate your creativity, productivity and sense of purpose. The free consultation allows each of us to find out how well we can work together, and whether the skills I offer are a good fit for where you are at in your work.

Available via Skype, phone, or in person if in the Portland, Oregon area.

I recommend that initially, people sign up for at least 3 sessions. A 3 hour block allows for taking stock of where you are at, exploring where you’d like to most focus and act, then creating a clear action plan with measurable goals. Because I feel so confident that a 3 hour block is the most efficient way to achieve immediate results, I offer a discount for any new clients interested in 3 sessions.

6 weeks to Success Coaching Track:

This track is designed to support those ready to commit to permanent change. The track includes:

  • 3 hours of initial coaching during the first week.  
  • One hour follow up sessions twice per week for the next 6 weeks.
  • One hour of follow up twice per month for an additional two months.

That’s 19 hours over 3 months - perfect to support any stage of a project, process, or dynamic change.



The oldest forms of teaching involve apprenticeship and mentorship engaging the body, mind, and spirit in constantly evolving and adapting experiential learning. The teaching that I offer likewise models these traditions, grounded in awareness, patience, challenge, compassion and transformation. Curiosity leads the way towards understanding and utilizing what is available for manifesting change.

Many innate curiosity led me to explore many tools for developing my gifts and providing service to others. Throughout my path, I sought teachers and mentors grounded in practices of kindness, healing, and whole growth for all. My teachers include Dr. Sierra Levy, creator of Resonance Therapy and Shannon Kelly, author of Initiation: the Foundation of Belief. My healing practice incorporates the tools of these teachers, as well as those learned on a path of study in earth-based, spiritual and mystical healing traditions including Druidism, Zen Buddhism, and Indigenous Spiritualities.

I currently contribute to spiritual and artistic work as a writer, musician and photographer. Earlier in life, I worked as a roofer, landscaper, non-profit program director, national service member, parking lot attendant, consultant and college professor (not in that order!).  Invite Invoke Inspire provides an umbrella under which I offer gifts and skills in teaching, consulting, and healing.